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This lacebark pine tree,which is 600 year old,is 14m high and 4.25m in curcumference at its base.
At 75cm from the ground it divides into two trunks.
Lacebark pines,belonging to the family Pinoceae,are native to northem China centering on Beijing,
and lacebark pines growing in Korea are presumed to have been introduced by Korean envoys to China.
They were introduced into Korea long ago, but they are fairly rare due to their slow reproduction, and they are nearly extinct in their native home of Beijing.
Having needles in clusters of three,they are blue-gray when young,butthen the trunk turns light gray as their bark peels off as they age.
Hence the Korean name of "white pine" or "white-bone pine." In Korea, they are planted in gardens or at any other landscaping opportunity for their beauty.
In China,they are used for lumber, and the seeds and their oil are eaten.
In Korea these are found growing in Seoul,Goyang and lcheon in Gyeoggi-do , Miryang in Gyeongsangnam-do,Boeun in chungchaeongbuku-do, and Yesan in Chugcheongnam-do.
Some of the bigger trees are desingnated as natural monuments.

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