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The visit to this HP is increasing recently.
I will aim at fullness, such as a photograph database.

New information

Databases, such as a photograph and a picture
(The charcoal kiln of the Yuboku village and the house of Sekishu is added)

The proposal to national forest reform
The deployment and the subject after organic act enactment
A forest and forestry organic act enactment
Establishment of a reader exchange page
The situation of the Imabari district multistoried forest
Model forest promotion international workshop (Yamanashi)
Giants in woods 100
Sister Homepage "forest future research institute"
The giant tree and big tree protection fund-raising campaign by the Forestry Agency
Opinion collection of the Forestry Agency (forestry seeds-and-saplings system examination)
Gumma workshop photograph collection
The forest self-sustaining international conference in Canada Halifax (September, 11)

It has been a big subject how continuation of a forest, recovery of Yamamura's vitality, activation of forestry, and reproduction of a national forest are performed now.
Then, it decided to establish the forum used as the place of offer of a far and near idea with high concern, and information exchange.

Especially, about a national forest, accumulated debt also exceeds 3 trillion yen, and the support for reproduction is immediately needed. .

Moreover, in the interim report of the Forestry Policy Council released on July 9, Heisei 9, it is asked to truly make a national forest into "a national forest." In order that a national forest may function as a national forest truly, replacing with a "national forest" as much as possible, and using the word "forest of a national forest" in this forum, since it is thought that this is a thing which makes new deployment expect a national forest Action volunteer It reaches. Nonprofit type activity group It is alike and adds. Information volunteer I think that he will want to perform mutual exchange with every body.

The reform bill of a national forest field enterprise was proposed by Parliament through each process carried by this homepage after that, and it had deliberations. And the reforming method was enacted on October 15, Heisei 10.

In this homepage, I will carry out information exchange about a forest, forestry, and the Yamamura problem simultaneously, continuing to follow up about a national forest.


National forest (national forest) reproduction forum

Giants in woods 100
The giant tree and big tree protection fund-raising campaign by the Forestry Agency

Reorganization of the Forestry Agency (national forest) organization

Name collection of "the forest of national participation"
National forest field enterprise reform related law enforcement relation information (schedule etc.)
The national forest reforming method deliberation related report (The reforming [ on October 15 ] method enactment)
It is the draft amendment of the Democratic Party to the national forest reforming method.
The Local Forestry Offices are reorganized to a forestry management office.
To the national forest reforming method carrying over to the next session
National forest reform bill Parliament is presented. (A special-measures method all article, a national forest field method, the said utilizing method, a national forest field enterprise special account method, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries installing method revision old and new contrast article printing)
The summary of the administration-of-forestry RŏI reply (drastic reform of a national forest)
The motion after administration-of-forestry Rԕ (Others [ tentative name / the administrative reform last report, the budget in the 10 fiscal year, a national forest reform related bill, and ])
The radical reform bill of a national forest field enterprise (Forestry Agency proposal August, Heisei 8 time)
The Forestry Policy Council interim report (July 9, Heisei 9) outline and this chairman discourse printing
The NHK close-up present age (August 27 televising) related information Data, such as transition of the amount of felling of the Kiso valley and the whole national forest, and the | damage photograph of the Ise Bay Typhoon style are added.
From the report of the latest television and newspaper (the former JNR debt processing bill cabinet meeting determination)
Changes of the newspaper publishing company theory about a national forest
The opinion of national forest reform (a paper and Mr. Shimazaki 's other books) A candidate is given.
Conclusion introduction of Kamakari paper
The proposal and proposal to a national forest
The account of experience of NHK BS debate "National Forest is critical situation"the 1- the 4 and TV debate -- finishing alike -- more -- all conclusions -- printing
Echo a large number printing after broadcast

A wish of the Forestry Agency alumnus to national forest reproduction " National forest reform which pursued all the possibilities is desired." (It announces to weekly agriculture and forestry and the April 5, Heisei 9 issue)

Progress of "the forest of a corporation"
1 million woods tree-planting movement of NISSEI, activity of the production forum of woods.
The national forest personnel's holiday action (city special edition of a forest)
It is really [ of the Nagano Regional Forestry Offices / valley ] the city strategy information on a forest.
Many national forest (settlement-of-accounts official announcement in - Heisei 9 fiscal year, such as various numerical values, August 28)
Data, such as ecosystem protection of a national forest

Forest self-sustaining forum

Opinion collection for [ collection ] forestry seeds-and-saplings system examination
Others [ notice / basic policy examination report / a forest, forestry, and / wood industrial ]
The challenge to the formation of double w in the Imabari district
The 21st century type forest culture
Evaluation of the public-benefit function of a forest
Forest reserve 100 years are commemorated and it is information dispatch.
Beltlike double w (a Kochi Otoyo-cho Yamamoto forest zone-like double w paper list, Malaysia double wю{ business technical project report)
Measures against a trees vermin damage(Example addition of a woods measure of Fuji)
Basic data of a forest and forestry
Revision of forest law


Yamamura forum

Forest volunteer information
Argument involving a volunteer activity


The forum which cultivates a tree and harnesses a tree

Introduction of training of a pine stake insect resistance pine young tree
Wooden prefabricated house new introduction
Activity (Sado Niibo-mura forestry association) of a forestry association


Related event symposium, a lecture, criticism, and a proposal

The Heisei 12 17th "city of forest" photograph collections
The Heisei 11 16th "city of forest" photograph collections

EKO piles and it is a seminar.
It turns to warming prevention and construction of a forest and a forestry "forest system carbon circulation system, and is ".
The Heisei 10 special edition [ photograph ] of the 15th "city of a forest"
Proposal "the technical qualification of exchange"
The photograph collection of national [ the 49th time ] Arbor Day
98 snow damage It can revive and is woods in Tokyo. Event
New Year criticism "a forest and forestry, and the Internet information"
Symposium "who protects the woods in Japan?" (October 15, Heisei 9, Nikkei Hall) (end)
New direct-delivery-from-the-farm housing forum (October 27, Heisei 9, UDDI land Tokyo) (end)


The link of a homepage

Homepages, such as a forestry management office of a national forest new organization, a forest future research institute


The page of model FORESUTO

Introduction of the international conference of model FORESUTO (Yamanashi workshop)
The link collection to model FORESUTO of each country
The link to the Canada Halifax international conference
The album of the Halifax international conference
Gumma workshop photograph collection


International Forest Forum

CIFOR PUBLIC FORUM "Forests for the Next Generation"
International Workshop on Model Forests 2nd Meeting-Mie Japan
Link of Model Forests


From a secretariat Information

The contents of "who protects the woods in Japan" were introduced in the Nikkei newspaper.
Moreover, it was broadcast by the first broadcast of the NHK satellite. January 25, 10.
Information of NHK BS discussion (end)

The support page of administration-of-forestry research (ѐ Research Institute) http://www.wood.co.jp/forestforum/fri_top.htm

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