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写真 2015年2月27日

I dislike this time every year. This is because we must make a final income tax return.I always start a filing and work during 2-3 days.I did work of the medical expenses subtraction yesterday.I and my wife went to the hospital more than 50 times in last year. Approximately 70,000 yen returns when I calculate. I pay it to a total of 820,000 yen hospital. A Japanese likes a hospital.The photograph is a leaf of the nandin(Nandina domestica) of the roadside of this morning.


写真 2015年2月26日

I have secret pleasure for the commuting of rainy day.It is to walk while hearing the music that was popular in high school days. The introduction of the music plays a violin. It matches very much in the rain.Memory of the youth returns when I walk while listening to this music.


写真 2015年2月25

Today is Wednesday. I clean around company in the rule of our company on Wednesday. Several large trucks irrelevant to us park around a company site. An ill-mannered driver sometimes appears. Two lunches after having eaten were thrown away. I carried it to our incinerator.The photograph is a flower going to work this morning.


写真 2015年2月24日

I took the photograph in the middle of the yesterday's return. It is a usual zelkova. I took it a little apart more than usual.


写真 2015年2月23日

今週もよい日々になりますように。今日は暖かくなりそうです。 It seems to become warm today.


写真 写真 写真 写真 写真 写真 2015年2月20日

2年前、田舎の実家を和歌山県福祉事業団に売却しました。家をそのまま利用してくださるという条件だっかからです。多額の予算をつけて祖父が建てた当時の家を再現してくれました。家向かいの野村さんがメールで母親に写真を送って下さいました。 驚くことに野村さんは95才です。父と同級生でした。ご自分で18枚も写真を撮りファイル添付でおくってくれました。受け取る母親も88才で、私にメールを転送してきました。ご高齢の方々もご立派です。 I sold the parents' house of the country to the welfare group two years ago. It was a condition to just use a house. According to the rumor, According to the rumor, the welfare group remodeled it for 100 million yen. The person who sent this report and photograph is a neighbor of the house. But it is 95 years old. It is an owner of the splendid ability. It is 88-year-old mother to have received.